REDTIGER Dash Cam Front Rear

Upgrade Your Drive with the REDTIGER 4K Dash Cam – Unveil Clarity, Security, and Confidence

Unleash Advanced Protection and Unforgettable Moments on the Road

1: Introducing the REDTIGER 4K Dash Cam – Your Road Companion

Elevate your driving experience with the groundbreaking REDTIGER 4K Dash Cam. Seamlessly capturing every detail in stunning 4K/2.5K Full HD, this cutting-edge device is more than just a dash cam; it’s your ultimate road companion, ensuring safety, clarity, and peace of mind on every journey.


2: Crystal-Clear Imagery, Unforgettable Moments

Never miss a moment on the road again. With its 3.18” IPS Screen and 170° wide-angle lens, the REDTIGER Dash Cam records everything with remarkable clarity. Relive your favorite road trips, capture breathtaking landscapes, and cherish the unexpected, all in unparalleled detail.

3: The Power of Night Vision and WDR

Sunset drives or late-night journeys – the REDTIGER Dash Cam thrives in any lighting condition. Equipped with advanced Night Vision and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technology, it ensures you get crisp, vivid footage, even in low-light environments. Your safety is never compromised, day or night.

4: Your Reliable Witness, 24H Parking Mode

Empower your vehicle with 24-hour protection. Activate the Parking Mode, and the REDTIGER Dash Cam becomes your vigilant witness, capturing any incidents or collisions even when you’re away. With its built-in Wi-Fi and GPS, you can instantly access and share footage, ensuring justice and security.

5: Seamless Connectivity and Intuitive Interface

Stay connected on the move. The built-in Wi-Fi feature allows you to easily access and manage recordings using your smartphone. Effortlessly download, share, or review footage, making your drive safer and more interactive than ever before.

6: Free 32GB SD Card – Ready to Go

Get started right out of the box! We’ve included a complimentary 32GB SD Card, ensuring you can hit the road and start recording your journeys immediately. No hassle, no extra cost – it’s our gift to you.


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7: Expertly Engineered for Your Safety

REDTIGER leaves no room for compromise when it comes to your safety. Our Dash Cam features intelligent accident detection and loop recording, safeguarding your footage at all times. Drive with confidence, knowing you have a reliable partner on board.

8: Effortless Installation, Lasting Value

Installing the REDTIGER Dash Cam is a breeze, requiring minimal effort and time. Once set up, it becomes an integral part of your vehicle, offering lasting value by enhancing safety, security, and recording life’s incredible moments.

9: Your Road, Your Story – Take the Wheel

Don’t just drive – make every journey an unforgettable story. With the REDTIGER 4K Dash Cam, you have the power to document your adventures, ensure your safety, and share your experiences with loved ones. Seize control of the wheel and relish in the memories.

10: Elevate Your Drive Today with REDTIGER

Upgrade your vehicle with the REDTIGER Dash Cam – the epitome of cutting-edge technology, safety, and adventure. Don’t miss out on the chance to drive with confidence, capture stunning moments, and create memories that last a lifetime. Experience the REDTIGER difference today and revolutionize your journey!

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