Fibre Select

Fibre Select

the best vital fibre for cleansing the body of toxins!

  • Thoroughly cleanses the body of toxins
  • Tough on the harmful products of metabolism
  • Acts as an effective broom
  • Beneficial effect on health and well-being

Fibre Select is the best vital fibre that meets the expectations of demanding people. Its great composition allows the organism to be thoroughly cleansed. Feel the difference and start a new chapter in your life today fibre select !

Fiber Select is a colon cleansing powder based on natural ingredients. It promotes digestion and helps cleanse the intestines of toxins and waste products.

What is Fiber Select and what is it used for?

Fiber Select is a highly effective colon cleansing powder specifically designed to support the health and function of the digestive system. With a unique blend of natural ingredients, Fiber Select helps to thoroughly cleanse the intestines by removing debris, toxins and waste products. By promoting healthy intestinal flora and improving digestion, Fiber Select contributes to general well-being and better absorption of nutrients.

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Fibre Select

What is Fiber Select used for?

Fiber Select should be used in the following cases:

  • Digestive problems: If you suffer from constipation, bloating or other digestive problems, Fiber Select can help promote intestinal movements and improve digestion.
  • Detoxification: If you want to perform a detoxification or cleansing process for your body, Fiber Select can help remove toxins and pollutants from the intestines.
  • Weight Loss: Fiber Select can be part of a weight loss program as it promotes satiety, stimulates metabolism and supports the excretion of fat.
  • General well-being: Even if you do not have any specific complaints, regular use of Fiber Select can help maintain healthy intestinal function and promote general well-being.
Fiber Select
Fiber Select

What is the danger?

The presence of toxins in the human body can pose significant health risks. Toxins are harmful substances that can come from various sources, such as pollution, pesticides, heavy metals, or even certain food additives. These toxins can build up in the body and lead to a variety of health problems.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), toxins can have various effects in the body. They can weaken the immune system, promote inflammation, impair the endocrine system and increase the risk of chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular disease and neurological disorders. The intestines in particular play an important role in detoxifying the body as they are responsible for excreting toxins. However, when the intestines are overloaded or not functioning properly, toxins cannot be eliminated efficiently and accumulate in the body. It is therefore of great importance to regularly rid the body of toxins and support intestinal health.

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Fibre Select the best vital fibre for cleansing the body of toxins!

Effect and how does it work?

Fiber Select is an effective colon cleansing powder based on natural ingredients. It works in various ways to cleanse the intestines and improve digestion.

First, Fiber Select contains an abundance of fiber. Fiber is important for healthy digestion as it helps soften stools and promotes bowel movements. Taking Fiber Select regularly improves stool consistency, which prevents constipation and makes it easier to excrete waste products.

Secondly, Fiber Select supports detoxification of the body. The powder’s natural ingredients bind to toxins and waste products in the intestines and help remove them from the body. This promotes healthy intestinal flora and helps reduce exposure to harmful substances.

In addition, Fiber Select can also promote satiety and regulate appetite. This can be particularly helpful in weight loss programs as it can help reduce overeating and cravings.


Buy Original Fiber Select in the pharmacy, price, availability

Fiber Select is currently not available in the pharmacies Aponeo, Rossmann, DM,There is currently no stock of this product. The next delivery is expected to arrive in pharmacies in 2-3 months. We recommend that you purchase the product through the manufacturer’s official website. Please note that prices in pharmacies are usually higher.


Buy the official website with a 50% discount

The price of Fiber Select is normally €38.99. The manufacturer is currently offering a 50% discount. To order, simply visit the manufacturer’s official website and place an online order. No coupon code is required. A representative will then contact you to complete the order. Please note that the offer is for a limited time and the number of special offers is limited. Payment is made upon delivery.

Ingredients and active ingredients

Fiber Select contains a unique blend of natural ingredients that help cleanse the intestines. Here is a list of ingredients and their effects with references to studies:

  • Micronized apple fiber: This natural ingredient from apple peels swells in the stomach and creates a feeling of satiety that counteracts overeating. A study has shown that apple fiber can have a positive effect on satiety and body weight (Source: Yamamoto et al., 2007).
  • Guar Gum: Guar Gum has excellent thickening properties that can provide a feeling of satiety and protect against overeating. Studies have shown that taking guar gum can lead to reduced feelings of hunger and increased satiety (Source: Pittler et al., 1999).
  • Micronized flax fiber: Flax fiber improves intestinal peristalsis and bowel movements. It helps to efficiently eliminate toxins before they have a negative impact on your appearance and well-being. One study showed that taking flax fiber resulted in an increase in stool frequency and improved stool consistency (Source: Dahl et al., 2005).
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Fibre Select


  • Oligofructose from chicory root: Oligofructose is a proven prebiotic that stimulates intestinal function. It has a positive effect on the intestinal flora and promotes their health. Studies have shown that taking oligofructose can lead to increased production of healthy intestinal bacteria (Source: Bouhnik et al., 1999).
  • Inulin from chicory root: Inulin is another natural prebiotic that is valuable for intestinal bacteria. It supports the rapid restoration of a healthy intestinal environment. Studies have shown that taking inulin can lead to positive changes in the intestinal flora (Source: Costabile et al., 2010).
  • Ispaghula Seed Husks: Ispaghula seed husks improve intestinal function quickly and effectively by helping with everyday digestive problems. They can lower blood sugar levels and reduce larger glucose spikes that can lead to food cravings. One study has shown that Ispaghula seed pods are effective in treating constipation (Source: Lewis et al., 1998).

These ingredients have been carefully selected to promote gut health and help the body detoxify.

Dangers, effectiveness and benefits of Fiber Select

Fiber Select offers a variety of benefits for gut health and overall wellness. Here is a list of benefits of Fiber Select:

  • Effective colon cleansing: Fiber Select helps to thoroughly cleanse the colon by removing deposits, toxins and waste products. This improves intestinal health and supports the function of the digestive system.
  • Improved Digestion: The natural ingredients in Fiber Select promote healthy digestion by stimulating bowel movements and improving stool consistency. This reduces digestive problems such as constipation and bloating.

  • Promoting intestinal flora: Fiber Select contains prebiotics such as oligofructose and inulin, which promote the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. Healthy intestinal flora is important for optimal digestion, absorption of nutrients and a strong immune system.
  • Feeling of satiety and weight management: Fiber Select contains fiber that swells in the stomach and gives a feeling of satiety. This can help reduce overeating and aid weight management.
  • Detoxifying the body: The natural ingredients in Fiber Select bind to toxins and help remove them from the body. This supports detoxification and helps reduce exposure to harmful substances.
  • Natural ingredients: Fiber Select is based on natural ingredients such as apple fiber, flax fiber and guar gum. It contains no artificial additives or chemicals, making it a safe option for colon cleansing.

Information leaflet/application

Read all of this leaflet carefully before you start taking this medicine because it contains important information for you.


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Fibre Select

When using Fiber Select for colon cleansing, certain contraindications or precautions may need to be taken into account. Here are some possible contraindications:

  1. Allergies: People with known allergies to any of the ingredients in Fiber Select should not use the product.
  2. Gastrointestinal diseases: People with acute gastrointestinal diseases, such as: People with symptoms such as inflammatory bowel disease, stomach ulcers or diverticulitis should not use Fiber Select.
  3. Intestinal obstruction: If an intestinal obstruction is present or suspected, Fiber Select should not be used as it may worsen symptoms.

possible side effects

Some possible side effects may occur when using Fiber Select for colon cleansing. Here are some of the most common side effects that can occur associated with using fiber supplements like Fiber Select:

  1. Bloating and flatulence: Because Fiber Select contains a high amount of fiber, it may cause increased bloating and gas formation in some people.
  2. Abdominal pain: Some people may experience mild to moderate abdominal pain or discomfort after taking Fiber Select.
  3. Changes in bowel movements: The increased fiber intake from Fiber Select can lead to changes in bowel movements, such as increased stool volume or loose stools. Some people may experience temporary diarrhea.
  4. Dehydration: It is important to stay hydrated while taking Fiber Select. If not enough fluids are consumed, constipation or digestive problems may occur.
Fibre Select

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Recommended consumption

Fiber Select is used as follows:

  1. Take Fiber Select three times daily.
  2. Dissolve one serving (5 grams, half a scoop) in 150 ml of water.
  3. Stir the mixture vigorously until the powder is completely dissolved.
  4. Drink the dissolved mixture immediately.

It is recommended to drink enough water to maintain hydration while taking Fiber Select.

Here’s how to store it

Store at room temperature: Store in a dry place between 10 and 30°C

Fiber Select
Fiber Select

Fiber Select Review

The results of using Fiber Select may vary from person to person. Here are some potential results that can be achieved through regular use of Fiber Select:

  1. Improved Digestion: Fiber Select can help improve digestion by promoting bowel movements and regulating stool consistency. This can lead to a reduction in digestive problems such as constipation, bloating and diarrhea.
  2. Weight Management: Taking Fiber Select can create a feeling of satiety, which can help reduce overeating and support weight management.
  3. Detoxifying the body: The natural ingredients in Fiber Select bind to toxins and waste products in the intestines, which can lead to improved detoxification of the body. This can help reduce exposure to harmful substances.
  4. Promote healthy intestinal flora: Fiber Select contains prebiotics that support the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria. Healthy intestinal flora can improve digestion, promote nutrient absorption and strengthen the immune system.
  5. Increase general well-being: By cleansing the intestines and promoting healthy digestion, Fiber Select can contribute to improved general well-being. This can manifest itself in more energy, better skin health and an increased feeling of vitality and lightness.

Fiber Select reviews, Stiftung Warentest, customer reviews in the forum

There are actually both positive and negative reviews about Fiber Select on various platforms. There are reviews on forums, the consumer organization OCU, YouTube reviews, Instagram and Facebook comments, and customer comments on pharmacy websites. More than 95% of the comments are positive. Negative reviews and comments most often relate to allergic reactions to the product’s ingredients or purchasing fakes.

Here are some real user reviews from forum discussions:

Cheerful woman with measuring tape on neck holding pear in hand and showing ok gesture while happily looking in camera with fruits and vegetables near over white background

“A few weeks ago I was suffering from a bloated stomach and general weakness. I was worried and thought something was wrong.

To find more information, I started searching the internet for solutions. I came across Fiber Select and read positive reviews from people with similar complaints. I decided to give it a try and ordered a pack.

I started taking Fiber Select according to the instructions. After just a short time I noticed a positive change. My bloated stomach was significantly reduced and I felt more energetic. Taking Fiber Select regularly helped me regulate my bowel movements and improve my digestive system.

I am very happy with the results I achieved from using Fiber Select. It has helped me relieve my digestive problems and improve my overall well-being.”

Lisa, 35 years old
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Fibre Select

“As someone who tries to eat right, I could never understand why I sometimes suffer from diarrhea and sometimes constipation.

After trying various solutions, I decided to go to the pharmacy and ask for advice. The pharmacist recommended Fiber Select as a natural option to manage my digestive issues. I was willing to give it a try and bought a pack.

I started taking Fiber Select according to the instructions. After a short time I noticed a significant improvement. My bowel movements normalized and I didn’t have to deal with diarrhea or constipation. Overall, I felt much more balanced and energetic.

I am very happy with the results I achieved with Fiber Select. It helped me resolve my digestive issues and find balance in my body. The natural ingredients convinced me that I was doing something good for my body.”

Julia, 37 years old
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Fibre Select

“As someone who enjoys delicious and fatty food, I often struggled with a bloated stomach and constipation. I had tried various medications, but they didn’t bring any relief.

Frustrated and looking for a solution, I started researching the internet. I came across Fiber Select and was curious about the positive reviews from other users. I decided to try it out myself and ordered a pack.

I started taking Fiber Select according to the instructions. To my delight, I noticed a noticeable improvement after just a short time. My bloated stomach was reduced and I had fewer problems with constipation. It was a relief to know there was a natural solution to manage my digestive issues.

I am very happy with the results I achieved with Fiber Select. It has helped me regulate my digestive system and relieve my discomfort. The fact that it is based on natural ingredients convinced me that it is a safe option for my health.”

Fibre Select
Fibre Select

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Negative experience, is Fiber Select dangerous?

Fiber Select is not a scam as it is a certified product according to European Union standards. Few negative reviews may be due to possible allergic reactions to certain ingredients. We therefore recommend only ordering Fiber Select via the manufacturer’s official website.

Fiber Select in the test and real experiences

Week 1: During the first week of using Fiber Select, I started taking the product regularly. I dissolved one serving (5 grams) in water and drank it immediately. This week I haven’t noticed any immediate changes, but I feel like my bowel movements are slowly returning to normal.

Week 2: During the second week of taking Fiber Select, I noticed that my digestive system was working better. My bowel movements have become more regular and I have fewer problems with constipation. My stomach also feels less bloated.

Week 3: In the third week of using Fiber Select, I noticed further improvement in my digestion. My bowel movements are now much easier and I have less discomfort after eating. My stomach has become flatter and I feel lighter overall.

Week 4: In the fourth week of using Fiber Select, I have noticed that my digestion continues to be stable. I still have regular bowel movements and my stomach is no longer as bloated as before. I feel more energetic and my general well-being has improved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Fibre Select

❓ How is Fiber Select taken?

✅ Fiber Select should be taken three times a day. One serving (5 grams, half a measuring spoon) is dissolved in 150 ml of water and drunk immediately.

❓ How long does it take to see results?

✅ Results may vary from person to person. Some people may notice improvement in the first few weeks, while others may take longer. Continuous use over several weeks can produce the best results.

❓ Can Fiber Select be taken while dieting?

✅ Yes, Fiber Select can be taken while dieting. It can help provide a feeling of satiety and support metabolism.

❓ Can Fiber Select be taken if you have gluten intolerance?

✅ Yes, Fiber Select is gluten-free and can be used by people with gluten intolerance.

❓ Is Fiber Select suitable for vegetarians and vegans?

✅ Yes, Fiber Select contains no animal ingredients and is therefore suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Cleanse yourself from unnecessary toxins!

With this product, you get a new vitality,
thanks to the wonderful properties offered by Fibre Select!




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